All the casting solutions are 3D drawn to achieve superior simulation and optimization levels.
The foundry is equipped for hand-moulding of castings up to 8,500 Kg.
The melting shop is equipped with an EAF and with two induction furnaces.
The plant is equipped with three methane bogie heart furnaces and with quenching facilities. We process in-house annealing, normalizing, tempering and quenching to comply the most demanding quality levels.
The castings can be supplied either blank, rough machined or ready-to-use.

The F.lli Gandossi Acciaierie Elettriche S.p.A. foundation dates back to 1947. Since then the Company has been commited to providing advanced casted steel solutions intended for a wide range of sectors among which Energy, Oil & Gas, Steel & Non-Ferrous, Ships, Mechanical, Cement & Mining and Metal Scrap Recycling industries.

Our production includes carbon, case-hardening, heat treatable, surface hardening, inox, cryogenic structural, wear resistent and heat resistent steels.