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As a long-term industrial endeavor, we prioritize sustainability as an integral part of our business operations, consistently striving to raise ESG standards and collaborate with the communities where we operate.

In 2017, our company achieved Gold Recognition Level based on EcoVadis CSR Rating.

We use resources carefully and efficiently, reducing our environmental footprint
• Playing a pivotal role in the circular economy by recycling metal scrap and minimize the use of virgin raw materials.
• Equipping the molding area with two sand reclamation and recycling units.
• Optimizing electric energy consumption with inverters and LED technology.
• Employing eco-recuperative combustion technologies to reduce gas consumption.
• Minimizing fresh water usage through rainwater collection and closed-circuit cooling systems.
• Installing modern dust collectors and filters to treat production emissions.
• Implementing noise mitigation solutions in our production processes.
• Minimizing waste production throughout the entire process.

We are committed to safe manufacturing practices:
• Educating and training employees and contractors.
• Encouraging a safety-first mindset, adherence to procedures, and avoidance of shortcuts.
• Providing employees, contractors, and visitors with appropriate PPE for their protection and comfort.
• Consistently investing in plant and tools renewal to enhance manufacturing safety.
• Regularly preparing and practicing emergency response procedures.

We actively engage with people and local communities:
• Creating employment and professional opportunities since 1947.
• Contributing to local urban renewal through targeted, shared, requalification, and social projects.

F.lli Gandossi Acciaierie Elettriche S.p.A.
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+39 035 412 7003
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